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Student & Family Handbook of Policies and Procedures


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This booklet explains St. Walter School policies and regulations for the general operation of the school.  Policy statements are necessarily general and the Administration reserves the right to make specific applications as circumstances arise.  Statements in this handbook are subject to amendment with or without notice.  The Administration will attempt to keep families informed of all changes as soon as possible.  

We urge you to read this book carefully.  There are some revisions and additions since the previous school year.  After you have read it, please go over it with your child (ren).  Keep this book in a convenient location for easy reference.    

Upon reading the book, you and your child (ren) are asked to sign the Acknowledgement page inserted at the end of the Handbook and return it no later than September 9, 2016.







St. Walter School, through the Principal, retains the right to amend the handbook for just cause with or without notice.  Quickly changing circumstances or events will be considered just cause.  However, the school will attempt to inform parents of all changes as soon as possible.

Sharon O’Toole - Principal













Rev. 07/01/2010

St. Walter School 2016-2017


School Faculty and Staff


Fr. James Mezydlo                  Pastor 


Mrs. Sharon O’Toole               Principal



Mrs. Mary Cavanaugh             School Secretary


Mrs. Connie McLaughlin         Business Manager


Mrs. Heather Sorfleet               Pre-K


Mrs. Lori Campione                 Kindergarten


Mrs. Janet Zawaski                  First Grade 


Sr. Ann Jyothis, CMC             Second Grade  


Mrs. Patricia Bucko                 Third Grade 


Mr. Brian Herman                   Fourth Grade 


Mrs. Kathleen Russell             Fifth Grade 


Mr. Edward Mottier                 Sixth Grade HR       

                                                JH English/Lit


Ms. Carly Lerner                     Seventh Grade HR

                                                JH Math/Science


Mrs. Mary Harris                     Eighth Grade HR

                                               JH Soc. St./Religion


Mrs. Cheryl Walsh                  Physical Education


Mrs. Jennifer Warrick             Reading Specialist 


Sr. Jyothi Maria, CMC              Technology/Media 


Mrs. Alison Westmoreland      Spanish


Sr. Susan Wade                      Special Services/

                                               Title 1


Mrs. Elizabeth Cardenas         Pre-K Aide 


Mr. Bill Gula                            Band

School Board Members


Fr. James Mezydlo - Pastor

Sharon O’Toole - Principal

Michelle Mims - President

Robert Nelson - Vice-President

Deidre Battle

Kevin Jacobs

Annie McMurray

Kim Wheeler

Family and School Association FASA


Lisa Alvarez - President

Tamela Martin

Beverly Nunn

Danielle Quiroz

St. Walter Athletic Association



Julie Clettenberg  - President

Curtis McKinney

Isela  Morris

Nancy Rita



Patricia Bucko

Connie McLaughlin

Endowment Chairs


Ray and Janet Cantelo





St. Walter School is a Catholic School dedicated to developing each child spiritually, intellectually, morally, physically, and emotionally, so that each child will achieve success, advance in educational development, and become a life-long learner.




We believe that St. Walter School, as a Catholic school, shares in the three-fold mission of Jesus Christ – to proclaim the gospel message, to foster community, and to serve humankind.

We believe that a creative and supportive atmosphere challenges and motivates students to realize their potential – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, and physically.  Through worshipping, sharing, accepting and living in the school environment, students may better live in and serve the total community.

We believe that parents are an integral part of this educational process and recognize the importance of their cooperation and partnership in this endeavor.

We believe fostering a faith-filled community is a prime importance and witness this through active participation in church life at school and at home.

We believe that by recognizing the diverse gifts of all and celebrating their individual differences, we strive to create an atmosphere conducive to learning that promotes a sense of belonging and acceptance for everyone in a culturally diverse environment.

We believe that a well-balanced, challenging curriculum, continually reevaluated to meet the changing needs of our community, prepares the students to accept a responsible leadership role in society.

We believe that character building is an important factor in shaping the students minds and hearts. We firmly believe in discipline based on self-respect, concern for others, and Catholic, Christian ideals.




A child entering preschool must attain the age of three by September 1.

A child entering kindergarten must attain the age of five by September 1. A child entering first grade must attain the age of six by September 1.





St. Walter School is operated under the auspices of the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, a corporation sole in the Archdiocese of Chicago.

St. Walter School admits students of any race, color, sex, national or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students in this school.

St. Walter School does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, or national and ethic origin in administration of education policies, athletic or other school administrated programs.



When space in school is limited and it becomes necessary to prioritize among applicants for admission to the school, the following order of preference shall be observed:

  1. Students currently enrolled in St. Walter School.
  2. Brothers and sisters of currently enrolled students.
  3. Catholic children of parishioners seeking enrollment who have been registered members of St. Walter Parish for at least one year.
  4. Catholic children of families who reside within the parish boundaries but have not been registered members of St. Walter Parish for at least one year.
  5. Christian children of all other families who live within the parish boundaries.
  6. Children of all other families.






St. Walter School was established to assure that members of the St. Walter Parish community would have the opportunity to provide their children with a quality elementary education in a Catholic environment.  Maintaining, enhancing, and projecting the Catholic character of the school is a priority.  Full participation in the religious program and in related school religious activities is expected of all students and parents.

As a general guide, the school attempts to maintain a 70% Catholic enrollment ratio.

Nothing in this policy shall be construed to limit the discretion of the Pastor and/or Principal in issues related to school admission. 



St. Walter School does not have a specific curriculum for those students who are diagnosed as having a learning disability. Consideration for their attendance at St. Walter School will be determined by the Principal.





All applications for admissions to St. Walter School, including transfer applications, must be accompanied by the following: a certified copy of the child’s birth certificate, baptismal record, and current health and immunization records as prescribed under the Illinois State School Code.  (Beginning July 1997, the Illinois Department of Public Health, Child Health Examination Code, will require all children enrolling in a child care facility or preschool program, the Kindergarten level and children entering fifth grade for the first

time, to show evidence of three (3) doses of the Hepatitis B vaccine.)  Also required is proof of residency and such other documentation as the Principal may reasonably request.




For admission of transfer students, parents shall present the proper transfer or some appropriate verification from the school previously attended.  For children transferring from the school, upon written request from the receiving school and payment of all previous fees, all records from the school, including health records shall be transferred.

Students wishing to transfer into St. Walter School will be required to have the appropriate personnel from the sending school complete an Education Report providing information about the student’s records.

St. Walter School does not accept transfer students after 7th grade.

All transfer students, grades Kindergarten – 7, will be accepted into St. Walter School on probation status for one year. Families are agreeing to abide by the rules and uphold the values put forth in the Family Handbook.  The students’ academic and behavioral performance must be at the standards expected of all students in the school. Ordinarily, this status will be reviewed at the end of the each semester and removed or revised.

All transfer students must have all records in place before the first day of school; otherwise the child (ren) will not be allowed to begin school.




We ask parents/guardians to follow this procedure in the event of a student’s absence:

  1. A phone call reporting the absence must be made to the school office  before  8:45 a.m.  This is to confirm that the child is safe and supervised.
  2. Upon returning, the student must bring a dated note stating reason(s) and dates  of the absence.
  3. An absence of three or more consecutive days requires a doctor’s note before readmission.
  4. Students with a diagnosed or a communicable disease must present a note for readmission stating that the student is able to return to school and is free from contagion.  If students have some parasite or bug infestation (for example head lice or ring worm) they may return after presenting proof of treatment.
  5. Students are required to make up missing homework. Parents can pick up homework at the end of the school day only.

When it is absolutely necessary for a student to be excused from school for medical/dental appointments or other emergencies, a note must be sent to the teacher and principal for approval before the time of the appointment.  No child will be allowed to leave the school building without an authorized adult

(parent/guardian, or parent-authorized adult.)  This adult must sign out the child in the office and meet the child there.  Students will be marked absent for a half-day for the time missed.




Parents who wish to take their children out of school for a period of time because of family plans shall notify the Principal in advance of one month of the absence.   

Parents should realize that missing school may affect their child’s grades.  Parents who find it necessary to take their children out of school for family vacations assume the responsibility of seeing that their children are instructed in the material presented during their absences.  

Teachers are not obliged to give student work for that time.  The only exception would be in the instance of serious illness or the death of an immediate family member.    

A student who is absent ten days or more in one trimester is not issued a report card until all his/her work had been completed. Furthermore, a student who has missed thirty days, without serious reasons, during the school year will be put on probation the next school year or may not be promoted to the next grade at the end of the school term.




Shadow Days will only be allowed on days marked “off” for St. Walter School.  A Shadow Day taken on a school day will be marked as an unexcused absence. 






If a student is absent without an approved excuse, or if the school has reason to suspect the validity of the excuse, the Principal shall investigate the situation and apply appropriate remedies.  If all efforts to persuade the child to return to school are fruitless, the case shall be referred to the appropriate official of the public district for further and immediate remediation.  This includes but not limited to the Chicago Police Department and DCFS.





A student is tardy if she/he arrived in the classroom after the 8:10 a.m. bell.  For safety purposes the school doors are locked, so if a child comes later to school she/he must be accompanied by a parent/guardian into the building. The parent/guardian must sign their child into the school office before proceeding to the classroom.


Tardiness interferes with not only a child’s process but it also causes disturbances to the teacher and the child’s classmates. Chronic tardiness is a sign of a problem. Measures will be taken by the school to assure that the tardy problem will be alleviated.  The parent(s) or guardian(s) are to take a positive role in alleviating this problem.  Tardiness does become part of a student’s permanent record.  Denial of privileges may be used to correct this problem regardless of the child’s grade level. 





Any announcement of school closings affecting all Chicago Catholic schools and all Chicago Archdiocesan Catholic schools will be in effect for St. Walter School All parents/guardians; faculty and staff will receive a call from the SCHOOL REACH PHONE program.

If there are any changes in the school calendar, parents will be notified in writing by telephone relay, or by radio stations:  AM670 (WMAQ), AM720 (WGN), AM780 (WBBM), FM960 (B96), FM94.7 (WLS), or by television channels 5, 7, 9 or 32.



The daily school will include bells at the following times:

                                         8:00 -      First Bell

                                         8:10 -     Classes Begin (Students who arrive after 8:10 will be marked tardy.)

                                         11:50 -   Lunch/Recess begins

                                         12:30 -   Lunch/Recess ends

                                           2:55 -  Dismissal of Preschool to Foyer

                                           3:00 -   Dismissal – K-8 

Students should not arrive at school before 7:50 a.m. each morning. Any student who arrives before 7:50 a.m. will be required to go to AM Extended Day and the family will be charged for the time.

Grade Pre-K will line up inside the double-glass doors entering the school hallway. Grades K thru 8th will proceed directly to their classroom upon arrival at school.

Students are expected to leave the school grounds after dismissal unless the student has been detained by the teacher, is under the teacher’s supervision, or if the student is enrolled in the extended day program.

It is of the utmost importance that NO parent/guardian pulls into the school parking lot in the morning hours in their vehicles.  Repeated offenders can be cited for placing school children in a dangerous situation.





Accidents & Illness:  If a student becomes ill or is the victim of an accident during the school day, a parent or person authorized by the parent will be notified before the child is permitted to leave school.  Parents or their designee must sign the early dismissal card in the school office before the child leaves the building.

Health:  Preschool, Kindergarten, and all students entering St. Walter School for the first time are required by state law to present a record of physical examination and immunization.  These records should be turned into the school office no later than the first day of school. Students will not be admitted to school without proof of immunization and/or physical exams.  

Students in Kindergarten, second grade, and sixth grade are required to have medical, dental and vision examinations.  Immunizations must also be current.  All medical reports/records are due by the first day of school.  If a child’s medical, dental, or vision exam and records are not in the school office by September 30th, the child will be excluded from school until such records are on file in the school. This is a state law.


Communicable diseases are required by law to be reported to the school office.  Parents are asked to conform conscientiously to this requirement, for the health and safety of all. Any child who has a communicable illness or disease or who has NOT been fever free for 24 hours is not allowed back in school. Written permission from a doctor will be required.


Medications:  Parents/Guardians have the primary responsibility for the administration of medication to their children. The administration of medication to students during the regular school hours and during school related activities is discouraged unless necessary for the critical health and well being of the student.

Inhalers may now be carried, per State law, without having documentation in the School Office.  Currently the Office of Catholic Schools (OCS) is looking at this new legislation to see how our policies should be adapted.  In the meantime, all regulations regarding medication and inhalers stay in place.

It is the policy of this school that school personnel, including teachers, administrators, and administrative staff shall not administer medication to students except as provided in the School Medication Procedures established for the medication.  Compliance with the School Medication Procedures administration of medication is the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  Each family has been provided a copy of the school medication procedures upon enrollment for the year.  In summary, these procedures state that school personnel shall administer medicine only if a Medication Authorization Form containing a written prescription, written administration instructions, written indication of the diagnosis and effects of the medicine, and written permission of the parent.  The medication must be in an appropriate labeled container.  The School Principal reserves the right to deny such requests.  Parents must make other arrangements for the administration of medication if any conditions do not exist.

A student may self-administer medication at school if so ordered by his/her licensed prescriber. Such medication shall be kept in the school office under the control of the School Principal or his/her designee.  Students who suffer from asthma or allergies that require the immediate use of medication shall be permitted to carry such medication and to self-administer the medication if the appropriate forms are completed and on file in the school office.





VALUES – St. Walter School’s program is centered on the gospel values taught by the Catholic Church.  Particular emphasis is placed on the following:


Respect:   Children are taught to recognize the good in each other and to accept each 
                      individual for the unique creation of God she/he is.  Children are taught to 


 value themselves, others, and nature – from conception to death.
Honesty: Children are taught to be truthful through what they say to others and 


through the work they submit as their own.
Obedience: Children are taught to follow rules and directions because they are for


the good of the entire group.
Service:  Children are taught to be helpful to others through the daily routines of 
                  school life and through special class projects focused on people from the 


Peace:  Children are taught nonviolent ways to resolve conflict and to have 


empathy for others.
Justice:    Children are taught to seek ways to help others receive what they


need for a comfortable life.
Value of Life: Children are taught to realize the benefits of hard work and are
                  encouraged to always do their personal best.

Teachings and Traditions of the Church:

                       Children are taught the basic doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and                           the prayers, rituals and traditions of the practicing that doctrine.




A                      93-100    Consistently shows a thorough understanding of the material presented through high quality work that goes beyond the minimum requirements.( A+ = 99%, A = 95-98, A- = 93-94)


B                      85-92     Exceeds the basic requirements for knowledge gained, accuracy of information and quality of work. (B+ = 91-92, B = 87-90, B- = 85-86)


C                   77-84      Meets the basic requirements for knowledge gained, accuracy of information and quality of work. (C+ = 83-84, C = 79-82, C- = 77-78)



D                  69-76     Shows a less-than-adequate understanding of the material presented by submitting work that does not meet the basic requirements. (D+ = 75-76, D = 71-74, D- = 69-70)


 U                  below 68     Performance shows a lack of understanding that will interfere                                                       with future academic success


All students’ grades will be recording in Power School.  This program has been mandated by the Office of Catholic Schools (OSC).  Parents will be given a password and the website for access to their child (ren)’s grades. Each family’s password and access will be protected and no one, other than the parent/guardian will know the password.

All reports will be directly generated from this Power School program.

If there is need for retention, Parents, Teachers, other school personnel and the Principal will meet at the March Parent/teacher Conference to discuss retention.





The religious education of the children of St. Walter School includes daily instruction in their faith, participation in a variety of prayer experiences, having opportunities for planning and participating in Eucharistic celebrations, and sharing in the variety of liturgical celebrations following the liturgical calendar.

With the cooperation and involvement of parents, the students are prepared for the receptions of the sacraments of Reconciliation, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation within organized formal programs of instruction and faith experience.  Information regarding these programs is shared through scheduled parent meetings.

In conjunction with our religious education program our students in grades K-8 receive instruction in a

“Protecting Children/Child Lure Program” under the guidelines of the Office for Protecting God’s Children and Youth.  At this time, the students are given the opportunity to build on what their parents have begun with regards to the value and reverence that each person must be afforded.  Sex education and AIDS awareness is incorporated with the Family Life Program.  The program will be taught during the early part of March each year.

Community service opportunities are afforded to our students with projects or reaching out to our sharing parish, St. Pius.  Also, mission projects are held at various times of the year by the different grades. Our Student Council is actively involved in promoting projects that enrich both our local school community and the far-reaching greater community.




Textbooks are loaned to students and are to be maintained in good condition.  Fines for excessive wear are assessed as follows:

Worn Cover: $5.00     Broken Binding: $10.00   Lost or Ruined Books:  $50.00

Book covers are required for all textbooks belonging to the school.  Fines are charged to violators for each offense and the students are required to cover the book during recess.





Close contact between teachers and parents is highly encouraged.  It is often in a child’s best interest for a parent to confer personally with the teacher.  Parent-Teacher Conferences for all students are scheduled each year in November after the first report card.  These conferences are mandatory. There will be a second Parent-Teacher Conference in March for those who wish to request one or those requested by the child’s teacher.

Additional conferences may be scheduled at any time deemed necessary.  An appointment should be made for this purpose to assure that the teacher can give full attention to the parent.  Please respect the teacher’s preparation time before school and do not stop for a last minute conference.  Parents are asked not to deter teachers for mini conferences at lunch time. This time is not good for the teacher or the parent as well as the child.  Please contact the teacher by phone or email to set up an appointment.  

Please note that the home phone numbers or personal emails are never released.  It is school policy that during school hours all transactions must be conducted through the main school office.   





Parents may request to review a student’s permanent record at any time.  Such requests should be made in writing to the school office.  Allow twenty-four hours to enable the office personnel to reserve time for the visiting parent.

Because St. Walter School assumes responsibility for children in the school, it is important that the school be notified of any special court sanctioned arrangements regarding custody of and access to children whose parents are divorced and/or separated.  The school will grant visitation to a child’s parent unless court documentation prohibiting such access is on file in the school office.

St. Walter School follows the provisions of the FAMILY EDUCATIONAL RIGHTS AND PRIVACY

ACT and permits parents to inspect and review their child’s school records.  In the case of non-custodial parents, the school will provide such parents with access to the school records unless the school is provided with a court order prohibiting that parent from inspecting or obtaining such records.






In addition to the academic curriculum and religious instruction of St. Walter School the following is included:

BAND: Band instruction is available for students in grades 4-8 on Mondays.


PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Grades K-8 has gym class twice weekly. On gym                                                                                days, all students should wear the official gym uniform.

MEDIA CENTER:  Students in grades K-8 are scheduled for at least three working sessions in the Media Center each week. During this time, students access computer and library resources.  In addition, students in K-8 are scheduled for two instructional sessions in which technology will be in use.





Periodic field trips may be scheduled during the year to enable the students to study parts of the community that are not possible to study in the classroom. Parents will be asked to request their child’s participation in each trip by completing a field trip permission slip. Cost for the field trip will be paid by the family.




To be eligible for membership the candidate must be a member of those classes (second semester sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade) designated as eligible in the chapter By-laws.  Candidates must have been (1) in attendance at the school equivalent of one semester. (2) The national minimum standard for scholarship shall be a cumulative scholastic average of at least 85 percent, B or 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or an equivalent standard of excellence.  Candidates shall then be evaluated on the basis of service, leadership, character and citizenship. (3)  The selection of each member to the chapter shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council. (4) The selection procedure shall be determined by the Faculty Council and shall be consistent with the rules and regulations of NJHS.  (5) The National Council and NASSP shall not review the judgment of the Faculty Council regarding selection of individual member to local chapters. 






Homework is the responsibility of the child. Students will not be allowed to call home should they forget their homework. Emphasis is placed on completeness, accuracy, and neatness.  Time allotted for homework varies according to the grade level of the child and the subject matter being studied.  Teachers will give parents an idea of what to expect via letters sent at the opening of classes.  

While homework can reinforce what has been presented during the school day, it can also give parents the opportunity of keeping in touch with their child’s progress.  Homework is not limited to but includes study assignments, reading assignments, and written assignments. Homework can include but not be limited to reviewing daily vocabulary, spelling, reading a book, review and memorize math facts.

Grades 1-2   10-15 minutes                  Grades 3-4   30-40 minutes                 Grades 5-6   45-60 minutes                        Grades 7-8   70-90 minutes

Parents are asked to provide a regularly scheduled time and a quiet place at home for homework to be done. Parents are also expected to monitor the completion of the work.

Although it is sometimes difficult for a teacher to determine how long it will take each individual to complete the work assigned, our intention is that no child should spend an unreasonable amount of time on homework.  Failure to use time well during the day, poor study habits, or a home atmosphere not conductive to study may necessitate a longer period of time. If your child seems to spend an unreasonable amount of time on homework, consult the child’s teacher for advice.



Students in grades 3,4,5,6, 7, and 8 take the standardized test authorized by the Office of Catholic Schools.

The tests will be administered in mid-April in accordance with the schedule distributed by the Office of Catholic Schools. Students in Title I Kindergarten thru second grade will also be tested.  Results of all tests are given to the parents in late May.



In accordance with the Archdiocese of Chicago Handbook for Athletics, the rules and regulations set forth in that handbook will be adhered to and will be enforced at St. Walter School and Parish.


Eligibility RequirementsA student-athlete may participate in school related athletic program if he/she: is a fully enrolled student; is exhibiting academic progress as determined by the classroom teacher(s); is displaying positive social behavior as determined by the classroom teacher(s); has a current medical physical on file; has a child/minor acknowledgement form on file; attends school the day of game and/or practice.


Code of Ethics for Student-Athlete: All student-athletes are expected to exhibit the following behaviors:

*Play the game for the game’s sake.

*Be generous in winning and graceful in losing.

*Display good sportsmanship and respect towards all opponents.

*Work for the good of the team.

*Accept the decisions of the officials gracefully.

*Conduct yourself at all times with honor and dignity.  This includes during and after        school, games, practices, and trips to other schools and facilities.

*Recognize, applaud, and encourage the efforts of your teammates and opponents.

*Show respect for your coaches.

*Show respect towards fans and personnel from other schools.


Academics & DisciplineParticipating in a sports program is a privilege, not a right.  Athletes must be held to personal, academic and behavior standards.  Students who choose to participate in the school’s athletic program are representing that school and parish at all times.  They must act in a manner that reflects favorably upon the school and on themselves.  This expectation is not limited to the sports arena but should also be evident at school, in the community, and at other schools before, during, and after the games.


A student must maintain in the range of a “C” average during the season of the sport.  If, at the time of

Progress reports or Report Cards a student’s overall average is below a C- average, he/she will be removed from the team until the students’ overall average is a C-.  This process will be monitored by the faculty and all suspensions from athletics as well as reinstatements will be authorized and executed by the Principal of the school.

An athlete who was absent from school due to illness is not allowed to attend practice or play in a game on that given day.  Absence from school on a Friday should not affect Saturday or Sunday participation if the athlete has recovered sufficiently to play.


Probation, Suspension or Expulsion from the Athletic Program:  Consequences of disrespectful behavior can include a reduction in playing time or even suspension or expulsion from the team.  School policy should govern all such incidents, and these consequences must be enforces by the administrations and the faculty.  Student-athletes may be suspended from practicing with the team and /or practicing in interscholastic competition for the following behaviors:

*Inappropriate language, as deemed by the coach, officials, or school administration.

*Physical or emotional abuse of teammates, opposing players, coaches, spectators, officials.

*Destruction of school facilities and equipment. 

*Disrespect toward any coach of official in games or practices.

*Lack of academic performance, effort, and/or positive behavior in the classroom.   *Several Code of Ethics violations.


 PROBATION: is defined as active participation and reasonable improvement

SUSPENSION: is defined as no participation for a given amount of time

TERMINATION: is defined as final

 Final decisions rest with the Pastor and Principal.


Personal Property SearchesAn athlete may be asked to submit to a search of gym bag, uniform or other athletic gear when the Athletic Director, Coach, or another school official suspects that the student possesses drugs, weapons, or anything that might be detrimental to the health and safety of the student or of the team.



Since the purpose of the school is to provide a Christian atmosphere in which students can experience and practice the Christian life of faith, all students are expected to exhibit Christian  attitudes and behavior in all relationships with teachers and fellow students.  These are best shown by observing the Student Code of Conduct.


Student Code of Conduct

Be Considerate       Think of others and find ways to create a good learning environment for everyone.  Keep your voice down so others are not distracted from their work.  Walk in the hallways and classrooms to avoid accidents. Share what you have or know when someone is in need.  Helping others  helps you, too.


Be Cooperative      Obey the rules and follow the directions of students and adults in the             building.  We are all here to work and learn together.  Working together and doing what we are asked makes more opportunities for everyone.


Be Courteous     Good manners are always appropriate.  Use pleasant words and cheerful greetings.  Be attentive to those who are speaking to you.  Small acts of kindness like holding doors or allowing others to go first   make a difference.  Remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as   you would have them do unto you.”


Be Responsible     You are in charge of your behavior and your learning.  You                 alone can meet these expectations.  Do what is right and take  credit for it.  Accept the consequences when you make a wrong   choice. Control your behavior.  Complete your work on time.  Always do your best.  Take responsibility for what you do.


Be Respectful      Your fellow students and your teachers deserve your respect, just as   you deserve  respect from them.  Speak kindly to and about others,  using words that do not offend, like foul language or racial slurs.   Do  not take, hide, destroy or play with their property.  Look for ways to  be helpful and to include all classmates in class activities. Do what  you can to help people feel valuable and special.


Life at St. Walter School is governed by three rules:

  1. Respect yourself, others and things
  2. Contribute to the learning environment
  3. Follow school and classroom procedures.

Students are taught these rules and their implications at the beginning of the year.





Students are also taught fifteen self-discipline skills that will help them control their own behavior and follow the school rules.  The skills emphasized at various grade levels are:


                Primary                              Middle                     Upper
asking questions  communication  fact vs. feeling       
following directions completing a task    initiating solutions            
                listening                   communication    making sacrifices 
                sharing                               leadership                resolving problems

                social skills             

reason for rules 

setting time limits  



Because of our belief in helping each student reach his/her potential – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally and physically – and because of our desire to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, St. Walter School will maintain a drug-free environment.

Except for authorized sacramental use, students are forbidden to use, possess, and/or distribute any controlled substances during school hours, on school property, or at school events on or away from the school site.

Controlled substances include alcohol, illegal drugs, and tobacco products.  Programs will be in place to teach students the dangers of controlled substances and ways to resist the pressures to use such substances.  Programs will be in place to create a positive learning environment that promotes self-esteem.

In-service activities will be conducted to train staff and parents in the effects of controlled substances and in ways to help students resist use of controlled substances.  St. Walter School will be a substance-free workplace for adults as well as a substance free school for children.

Alcoholic beverages and tobacco products may be used by adults at events conducted for the general public in St. Walter facilities, within the guidelines of insurance and local ordinances. Such substances will not be allowed at events sponsored for children even if adults are present.





Sexual Harassment by one employee of another, by an employee of a student, by a student of an employee, or by one student of another is unacceptable conduct.  Employees or students who engage in any type of sexual harassment will be subject to appropriate discipline, including suspension and/or dismissal.

Retaliation in any form against an employee or student who exercises his/her right to make a complaint under this policy is strictly prohibited, and will itself be cause for appropriate disciplinary action.

An employee or student who knowingly makes false charges against an employee or a student in an attempt to demean, abuse, or embarrass that individual shall be subject to the sanctions for misconduct set forth above.

Students who are involved in sexual harassment activities may be suspended from school pending the investigation of their situation.  Refer to discipline policies for further information.





Discipline Notice/Demerit:        

Written notification informing parents of inappropriate behavior.  Parents are expected to take corrective action at home and to sign and return the notice.


Students remain after school under a teacher’s supervision.

Parent is notified in advance.  Student will obey the rules of detention or be assigned another detention.

In-School Suspension:                

Student is removed from class and assigned to the principal’s office, working on alternate assignments. All regular classroom work from the day is expected to be completed, but no credits need to be given.

Out-of –School Suspension:

Student is forbidden to attend school during the time of suspension.  All regular classroom work from the time is expected to be completed, but no credit need be given.

On Notice:

A student receives informal notification that continued inappropriate behavior will result in more serious consequences.


When a student is placed on contract, formal notification is given that the student must meet given behavior expectations by a specified date or more serious consequences will be enacted.


A student is given formal notification that behavior is unacceptable and  future incidents will result in the student being expelled from the school.


The student may no longer attend St. Walter School.



All students who receive a detention will serve the detention on the Thursday of the same week that the detention was issued.   A detention notice will be send home on the day of the infraction.  It must be signed by the parent and returned the next school day.

 Detentions ordinarily last for 30 minutes for students in K-4 and for 60 minutes in grades 5-8.   During detention, the student may not talk, sleep or do homework.  The student may be asked to complete missing school work, if that is the reason for the detention. 

 *A student who fails to report for a detention will be issued a second detention.          *A student who fails to report to more than three detentions will be suspended            from school.  A meeting with the Principal must be conducted before the                   student can be readmitted to school.

        *A student who has served two or more detentions will do cleaning within the        school while in detention under the supervision of the Principal.

 *A student who receives four or more detentions in a trimester, will be placed 

                 on a probation contract.





Routine violations of the classroom procedures and common courtesies will ordinarily be handled by the classroom teacher.  Examples of these behaviors include, but are not limited to continuous disruptive talking, blurting out, constantly out of seat, silliness that disrupts the classroom routine, not staying on task, immature comments and actions, incomplete/no homework or class work, teasing, talking back or arguing with the teacher, throwing snowballs on the grounds of the school, refusing to follow basic rules and directions, verbal abuse toward others, cheating, obscene gestures or materials, wearing inappropriate clothing and coming unprepared for class.

These violations will ordinarily be handled in this matter:

  1. Verbal warning
  2. Visual warning –name on board, yellow light, stop-think-plan card
  3. Written warning – demerit/discipline notice, red light
  4. Detention

Students who do not respond to these steps will ordinarily be sent to the principal’s office for consequences and parent notification.  While in the office, the student will complete a consequence sheet, describing what happened, what should have been done, and how the incidence impacted the classroom.  The Principal will call the parent to inform him/her of the incident and to alert him/her that the form is coming home and must be signed and returned the next day.  If the parent does not sign and return the form the next day, the parent will be notified.

The student will ordinarily be placed on notice that subsequent visits to the principal’s office may result in at least three hours of detention, in school suspensions, out-of-school suspension for one to three days, being on contract, being on probation and/or expulsion.  At any point, the Discipline Review Board may be convened to deliberate upon alternative steps to be taken to assist a student to exhibit appropriate behavior.



All cell phones must be turned off and placed in the students backpack for the duration of the school day, which is from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. as well as during extended day hours.  Cell phones must remain in the backpack, turned off as long as a student is on the school property, as defined by the Administration and/or Faculty.  The only exception to this rule would be in case of an emergency at which time the student can ask faculty/administration for permission to make a call. 

Use of cell phone, especially texting, at any time during the school hours or on the grounds of the school property, except in a case of an emergency is a serious offense because it questions the academic integrity of the class and causes a disruption of the classroom and/or the educational environment of the school.  

Random inspections may take place to ensure the enforcement of the rules.

Possession and/or use of a cell phone (outside the backpack) during school hours will result in the following discipline action:  

1st offense: 

Phone is taken away and turned into office by teacher, parent/guardian contacted immediately, student is given one hour detention, and parent/guardian must pick up the cell phone. 

2nd offense: 


Phone is taken away and turned into office by teacher, parent/guardian contacted immediately, student is given one hour detention, and parent/guardian must pick up the cell phone and pay $25.00.

3rd offense:  

Phone is taken away and turned into office by teacher, parent/guardian contacted immediately, student is given one hour detention, and parent/guardian must pick up the cell phone and pay $50.00.

Continued offenses will result in discipline stated in 3rd offense and an in-school suspension.



St. Walter School provides computers, software, Internet access and other technological tools for students use for the purpose of enhancing learning.  Our intent in providing this service is to promote educational excellence by sharing resources, communications, and innovative thought.

It is our goal that all students that enter the doors of St. Walter School learn that they are responsible for their own actions and that those actions should mirror the morality, faith and beliefs that we profess.  In this light, technology usage at St. Walter School is conducted under the same rules and values as any other activity at school.  All students, faculty and staff share in the general rights and privileges of access to computer resources, intellectual freedom, privacy in electronic work and communication, and safety from harassment.  Students and staff will be expected to use technology in a manner which is responsible, legal, and appropriate.


Technology usage is a privilege, not a right. A student’s failure to adhere to use guidelines will result in the restriction or revocation of the privileges.  Should privileges be revoked, there shall be no obligation for St. Walter School to provide a subsequent opportunity for access to technology.

Proper use of technology is expected by all.  Improper use includes, but not limited to:


*deliberately attempting to disable computers or systems by introducing viruses or other    destructive programs, by altering software, by modifying computers, configurations or by

                 other disruptive means.

*installing software that has not been authorized by teachers or administrators.

 *entering, reading, or altering any document on a computer hard drive or CDs  belonging to another person.

Proper use of the internet is expected of all.  Improper use includes, but is not limited to:

  *engaging in illegal activities.

*accessing, retrieving and/or transmitting materials that are threatening, obscene,  harassing or inappropriate in the school environment.  The school Administration reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of materials.

 *using inappropriate, offensive, or threatening language.

*releasing personal information such as name, address, or phone number about  oneself or others.

*reposting messages without the consent of the author.

*sending chain letters or annoying messages to a large number of individuals.

*plagiarizing work of another.

*copying software, graphics, or other work in violation of local, state and federal laws.

*downloading files without the authorization of a faculty member or Administrator.

As a matter of self-protection, students are expected to inform a teacher if they receive any message that makes them feel uncomfortable, if they suspect a break in system security, if they accidentally access an inappropriate file, or some other improper event happens.

Students are subject to any and all disciplinary action if any of the above violations take place.





When a student repeatedly exhibits inappropriate behavior over an extended period of time, the student may be considered to have a chronic behavior problem.  The teacher may request a conference with the Principal to review the case.  During the conference, the teacher will present the documentation identifying the incidents that have occurred and the intervention steps that teacher has taken.

After the conference, the teacher will confer with the parent, explaining the incidents and steps that have already occurred. The teacher will solicit the parent’s assistance in correcting the problem.  The teacher will inform the parent that the student is on notice and further incidents will result in the student being referred to the Principal to be placed on contract or probation.  The teacher will write a summary letter to the parent and keep a copy on file.

If the problem persists, the student will be referred to the Principal.  The Principal will ordinarily place the student on contract or probation.  Additional consequences, including at least three hours of detention, inschool suspension, and out-of-school suspension for 1-3 days or expulsion may be imposed.  The Discipline Review Board may be convened to deliberate upon additional consequences.






*All behaviors under this area do require the Administration to contact the Office of Catholic School’s Assistant Director and in some cases the Legal Office of OCS.


Blatant disrespect of authority: The student will be removed from the situation while the incident is investigated.  The parent/guardian will be notified. The student will be suspended one to three days and placed on contract or probation.  

The use of verbal threats or harm against any student or adult: This is taken seriously. Thestudent will be removed from the situation while the incident is investigated.  The parent/guardian will be notified.  The student will be suspended one to three days and placed on a contract or probation.

Having a weapon or using an object to harm or threaten another person: This is taken seriously.  The parent/guardian will be notified immediately to come to school at once.  The student will be placed on probation or suspended pending the investigation of the situation or expelled.  Suspended students will be required to receive appropriate evaluations and/or therapeutic attention, at the parent’s/guardian’s expense, in order to remain at St. Walter School.  Upon the investigation of the situation, weapon violations will be reported to the appropriate authorities; not limited to the Chicago Police Department and the Office of Catholic Schools.

Suspicion of involvement in gang activity: This is taken seriously.  The parent/guardian will be notified immediately to come to school at once.  The student will be suspended, pending the investigation of the situation.  The student will be placed on probation.  The student will be required to receive appropriate evaluations and/or therapeutic attention, at the parent’s/guardian’s expense, in order to remain at St. Walter School.  Suspicion of gang involvement will be reported to the appropriate authorities; not limited to the Chicago Police Department and the Office of Catholic Schools.

Having a controlled substance: This is a serious behavior. The parent/guardian will be notified immediately to come to school at once.  The student will be suspended, pending the investigation of the situation.  The student is placed on probation.  The student will be required to receive appropriate evaluations and/or therapeutic attention, at the parent’s/guardian’s expense, in order to remain at St. Walter School.  Controlled substances will be reported to the Chicago Police Department and the Office of Catholic Schools.

Fighting, bullying and sexual harassment: This will not be tolerated and will be punished as a serious offense.  The parent/guardian will be notified immediately to come to school at once.  The student will be placed on probation.  The student will be required to receive appropriate evaluation and/or therapeutic attention, at the parent’s/guardian’s expense, in order to remain at St. Walter School. Additionally, 

                1st offense:            Student will receive at least a three hour detention.

       2nd offense:           Student will receive a one day suspension and provides one hour of service.         3rd offense:         Student will be expelled.


Stealing or the destruction of school property: Is taken seriously. The parent/guardian will be notified. The student will be placed on contract or probation. Additionally, 

       1st offense:            Student will receive at least a three hour detention and provide thirty minutes of  service to the school. 

         2nd offense:           Student will receive a one day suspension and provide one hour of service to the school.

                 3rd offense:            Student will be expelled.

In all incidences above, the student will be required to make restitution.  The student may be required to receive appropriate evaluation and/or therapeutic attention, at the parent’s/guardian’s expense, in order to remain in school.






Parents/Guardians in the local school community are expected to demonstrate respectful behavior at all times with faculty, administration, support staff, students, and volunteers whether on or off school grounds or at school-related events.

Unacceptable behaviors include, but are not limited to: harassment, verbal abuse, publicly stated false accusations, physical or verbal assaults of and/or threats to the faculty, administration, staff, students and volunteers of the school.

When, in the judgment of the Principal and of the Pastor, the behavior of a parent/guardian seriously interferes with teaching, learning, and a positive school environment, the administrator may:

  • Inform parents that the right of the parent/guardian to be present on school grounds is       temporarily or permanently suspended.
  • Dismiss the child (ren) of the parent/guardian temporarily or permanently from the local Catholic     school.

Ordinarily, a student is not to be deprived of a Catholic school education on grounds relating to the actions/attitudes of parent/guardian. In some cases, one of the following actions may permit the continuation of the student in the school:

  • Schedule meetings between school staff and the parent/guardian outside of regular   school hours in a monitored setting.
  • Conduct school business with the other parent/guardian of the student.

Please be advised that only signed or in person communication will be acted upon.


All school–related circumstances and/or incidents (academic and/or disciplinary) must be worked out directly with the student, parents/guardians, and teacher.  If an agreeable answer or compromise is not met, then a parent/guardian may request in writing a meeting with the Principal.  If a solution is not reached with the Principal, teacher, student and parents/guardians and school Counselor then a request for mediation from the Pastor or OCS may be requested by the Principal.





The Pastor, Principal and/or Administration of OCS and St. Walter School (including the Executive Board of the St. Walter School Board) reserve the right to define the date, time, location and those in attendance at a requested meeting.




The Safe Environment Office of the Archdiocese of Chicago was created in January 2007 to ensure compliance with Articles 6, 12, and 13 of the USCCB Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People. The Charter set forth that all dioceses/eparchies were to have clear and well-publicized standards of behaviors and boundaries (Article 6), maintain safe environment programs for all children and adults (Article 12), and evaluate the background of all lay employees, clergy, and all volunteers who would have contact with children (Article 13).  Over the years, the Safe Environment Office has become a resource to parishes and schools who share the Archdiocese’s commitment to protecting children and young people. 

St. Walter School complies with the Archdiocese of Chicago’s “Protecting God’s Children” policies for volunteers and employees which include completion of the online Criminal Background Check, attendance at a VIRTUS training session, completion of Archdiocese of Chicago Code of conduct paperwork, and the DCFS CANTS form (completed yearly). Effective 2015, all volunteer Coaches must also complete the online Mandated Reporter training as well.


Additionally, volunteers may not bring babies, toddlers, or other children when volunteering in the classroom or when volunteering on field trips.

For security purposes, ALL volunteers must report to the School Office to sign-in upon arrival and sign-out when leaving.








No parking is permitted in the front of the school on Western Avenue or in the back of the school along the east or west side of Oakley.  Parents will NO longer be allowed to drop children off in the school parking lot.  The parking lot will be closed at 7:40 a.m. and will remain closed until 8:15 a.m.  Parents driving students to school must use the drop-off zone along 118th Street.  Drivers are to enter the zone from the east and to allow students to exit the car at the west end of the zone.  Left turns and u-turns are not allowed. Parents who need to park to enter the school to conduct business are asked to park in the limited number of spaces at the corner of Oakley and 118th Street.

At dismissal, drivers are asked to park in the back parking lot before 2:50 p.m.  The Oakley driveway will be blocked at 2:50 so the students can exit the building and go to their cars without traffic. Cars are to park facing the exit.  When students have cleared the parking lot, the driveway will be opened and the cars will be directed to leave the lot.  Parents/Guardians may park on 118th street in the A.M. drop off zone at dismissal. You cannot park your car on Oakley (east or west) and pick up your child.   Please be advised that if you pick your child up on Oakley, a staff member will report the license plate to the School Office. The Administration will ask the Chicago Police Department to monitor the area at dismissal and issue tickets to all violators.  A child will be issued a detention if this is reported to the Main Office. No parent/guardian will be allowed to pick up their child at the Extended Day doors until after 3:10 p.m.  

Parents/Guardians who violate the drop-off or pick-up regulations will be issued a citation from the school and a $25.00 fine.

Students who act as “Patrol Guards” are filling a position of service for parents and students.  The purpose of the student safety patrol is to assist in the safe conduct of students to and from school. However, parents still remain responsible for the safety of the student traveling to and from school.  By providing a student safety patrol, St. Walter School and the Catholic Bishop of Chicago accept no liability for the safety of the student.  There may be times, due to circumstances beyond the control of the school when a student is not on duty at a crossing.

Students must always cross streets at the corners.  Students are not to leave the school property during school hours without prior approval of the school office.  Students are not permitted to frequent stores on their way to and from school. During rainy or snowy weather, the students are asked to wear boots and to have a pair of shoes to wear in the classroom.  The students remove their boots in the school lobby.






St. Walter School maintains a closed-campus schedule.  All students in grades Pre-K thru 8, faculty and staff will remain at school for lunch.

Daily hot lunch is available for the students.  Menus are distributed monthly.  Students are required to order lunches for the month at that time.  Milk for those days when hot lunch is not purchased is also ordered at that time. Full payment must be made at the time of the order. 

Observance of the following rules is required of all children.  Each child is personally responsible for these rules which promote safety and good order for all.

  • All students are given an approximate fifteen minutes outdoor playing period.
  • Lunchtime supervisors give directions that must be followed without challenge.  Rough play, pulling off caps and scarves, throwing snow, etc. will not be tolerated.
  • Students eat in their respective homerooms, monitored by the lunchtime supervisors.  Students are  to remain seated at all times. Students speak with conversational tones during lunch.


Any child who is consistently uncooperative in regard to the above regulations will be reported by the lunch supervisor to the Principal.  Students who will not follow the lunch rules will not be allowed to eat lunch at school.  They will be picked up by their parent/guardian and eat lunch under parental supervision, or they will be removed from their class during the lunch time.




All students in grades K-8 are to be in uniform the entire school year, unless excused by the Principal beginning the first day of school.

Pre K students will be required to wear the Physical Education uniform the entire school year, unless excused by the Principal beginning the first day of school.

Students may not wear attire (clothing, jewelry, etc.) or exhibit a personal appearance that in the Principal’s discretion and judgment is disruptive of the learning environment.  This includes all hair cuts and hair dos, colors, and styles, use of make-up. Nail polish is not allowed.  No jewelry other than one pair of stud earrings for pierced ears may be worn on all school days.  Fine–link chains that hold small crosses or other religious medals or items may be worn on school days other than gym.

All shirts and blouses are to be tucked into the slacks and skirts.  All clothing is to be clean and in good repair.  No uniforms are to be altered from its original appearance for the sake of the student’s convenience or preference (i.e. cutting of gym pants to shorts or elastic removed).  Shoes should have soles that do not mark the floor.  Jean-style clothing and cargo pants are not acceptable options.  Waistbands are not to be worn.  Pants must be at the waist, not on the hips or buttocks.  Shorts and skirts are to be a modest length for the classroom.  Absolutely no colored tee-shirts or lacey tops are to be worn under the school shirts. Only proper under clothing must be worn.

Parents are responsible for seeing that their student(s) are properly dressed and will be notified to make corrections if a violation occurs.  The violation must be corrected in a time frame reasonably set by the Principal.

School uniforms (including the physical education uniform) can be purchased through department stores or

                                                                         Schools R Us

                                                                         111th Street and Kedzie

                                                                         Chicago, IL  60655

                                                                         (773) 779-0172


*Please verify the EXACT school uniform for St. Walter School at Schools R Us before purchasing at another location.  It must be identical and match the chosen uniform code.



Kindergarten – Grade 8:    Navy blue uniform pants

                                                         White knit polo shirt

                                                         A belt to insure that the pants ride at the waist

                                                         Plain white or dark socks and school shoes

Options:  Plain, solid navy blue uniform sweater, cardigan, v-neck, vest, or St. Walter fleece.  No sweatshirts or St. Walter Spirit-wear on regular uniform days.

Navy blue uniform shorts may be worn until October 15th and after April 15th, with gym shoes.





Kindergarten – Grade 4:  Plaid jumper and a long or short-sleeve plain                                      White blouse or knit shirt.

Grades 5 – 8:  Plaid skirt and long or short-sleeve plain white knit shirt

Kindergarten – Grade 8: Girls are to wear plain white, navy or dark green socks and school shoes.  The socks are to be visible to all.  “No-shows” are not acceptable and is considered out of uniform.

Options:  Plain, solid navy blue uniform sweater, cardigan v-neck, vest or the St. Walter fleece.

  No sweatshirts or St. Walter Spirit-wear on regular uniform days.

  Navy blue uniform slacks with a plain white knit shirt may be worn from November 1st until    April 1st.

Navy blue uniform shorts may be worn until October 15th and after April 15th with gym shoes.





All students, boys and girls, Grades Pre-K – 8:

White or navy blue t-shirt and navy blue sweat pants, each bearing the official St. Walter Logo.  Plain white socks and gym shoes properly laced.  No-show socks are not acceptable. Wheelies and platform gym shoes are not acceptable.

Options:   Navy blue gym shorts bearing the official St. Walter logo may be worn until October 15th and after April 15th.  A navy blue sweat shirt with the official St. Walter logo may be worn over the  uniform gym t-shirt.  No other sweatshirts will be acceptable.



There will be a new dress code for the boys in grades 4 thru 8 on All School Mass Days and Special Event Days. Boys in grades 4 thru 8 will be required to wear a long sleeve, button-down, solid color, collared dress shirt with a tie.  The boys can wear their school pants or dress pant and school shoes.

If girls are asked to dress-up for a Mass or special event, appropriate clothing is required.  Appropriate dress or skirt length is required, as well as all body parts including shoulders are required to be covered.  

The Administration reserves the right to deem a child’s outfit inappropriate.  A child can be asked to call home for a change of clothing immediately.  This change of clothing will be the full school uniform.





St. Walter School operates solely on the financial support of its families.  It is imperative that all agreements are adhered to and payments are made on time as agreed to by the family.






                                  Contributing Parishioner        Non-Parishioner
One Student                $  5,459                               $  6,038
Two Students            $  9,440                               $11,295
Three Students           $12,298                               $17,058

Four or More Students          $14,584              

Pre-K: Half-day (5 days/week) (8am – 11am) $ 2,668

          Full day (5 days/week) (8am – 3pm) 

$ 4,600
Extended Day             Per hour/per child         $6.50 per hour/ first child
                                                                          $2.00 per additional child per family 


Additional Fees NOT INCLUDED in the tuition rates due on Fee Day/Packet Pick-up Day:


Volunteer Fee/Family (Refundable)            $300

This fee can be earned back by volunteering at various school events held throughout the school year.  Families can earn $50 back/event for volunteering or $100/event for chairing an event. Credits will be given on FACTS monthly, following volunteer service. Refundable volunteer fee not to exceed $300.


Mandatory School Fundraising/Family      $120                    

Each family will receive 2 boxes of World’s Finest Chocolate. Candy will be picked up on Fee Day/Packet Pick-Up Day. Families are encouraged to sell the candy to recoup the fundraising cost.

Payment Policies


  1. In accordance with the Archdiocese of Chicago under no circumstances will a family be allowed to reenroll their children unless they have fulfilled their tuition obligations in full for the prior year (including but not limited to tuition, late charges, NSF checks and fees, Hot Lunch Program, Manna, and Extended Day services).  It is decision of the School Board, Principal, and Pastor, together as to the final acceptance of a registration.
  2. All tuition payments must be made to FACTS in accordance with your contract. Alternative dates can be arranged by calling the school office.  New families entering St. Walter School will be expected to establish an account with FACTS seven business days prior to the start of the current school year.
  3. In accordance with the tuition non-payment exclusion procedures of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s if part or all of any tuition payment or late fee remains unpaid on the 30th day after  the due date of that second month payment, the delinquent family’s child(ren) shall  be suspended from school until such time as all delinquent funds are paid in full.  In addition, semester report cards and official transfer records will be withheld until all past due tuition, late charges, and fees or charges of any kind are paid in full.  Any families incurring unexpected financial situations should contact the school office.
  4. Postdated checks will not be accepted for payment, including in delinquent circumstances.
  5. The first check returned NSF to the school will be returned to the family and a debit added to the family’s record.  In addition, this will be treated as a non-payment and our current late fee policy will apply.  A bank service fee and bookkeeping fee incurred by the school in the amount of $35.00 will be passed on to the family. If a second notice is issued for an NSF check, an additional $30.00 late fee will be added to the account. Upon a second NSF check in the same school calendar year, personal checks will no longer be accepted. All future payments, fee, and fines for the reminder of the school year must be made in the form of certified checks, money orders, or cash.
  6. In accordance with the financial policies of the Archdiocese of Chicago’s Office of Catholic Schools  report cards, records, graduation activities, and other items/events identified by OCS can be withheld for any unpaid balances owed to St. Walter School at year’s end.



Scholarship Payments/Financial Aid


Families seeking any form of financial assistance or scholarship monies MUST fill out and file the FACTS Grant and Financial Assistance Forms by the required due date to be considered for assistance.

All scholarship and financial assistance monies will be credited to a student’s account and all future payments will be adjusted for the reminder of the school year by School Personnel only.  

We realize the difficulty this may cause; however, we at St. Walter School must receive formal notification of such scholarship and financial assistance funds before we can formally distribute the monies to the families.





To qualify for the Parishioner status:

  1. The school family must be a registered member of the St. Walter Parish.

*New school families will be evaluated based on current contributions and date of established registration to the parish.

  1. The school family must make regular contributions to St. Walter Parish.
  2. The school family is subject to a quarterly review of the parishioner status at the end of each calendar quarter.  






The Intent to Register Form is sent home in late January or early February for several purposes.  Our current families have top priority for enrolling their children for the next academic year.   Secondly, the forms are used for the budget process and for the process of new enrollment and class size.  A fee will be required with the intent form to show good faith on behalf of your family’s intent for the upcoming school year. 

The form and fee are not a complete guarantee of one’s place in a specific grade for the next academic year. The final decision for any acceptance into the next academic year is based on an individual’s academic and discipline record and a family’s financial account.




Parents are able to access their tuition account directly from FACTS Management, Inc.  If a parent/ guardian needs a year-end tuition statement, they must request it in writing from the school secretary and must allow 24 hours before it is sent home. A school is not required to provide their Tax Identification Number.  Please refer to the Illinois state regulations.






EXTENDED DAY PROGRAM Handbook Information


Parents may elect to enroll their child (ren) in the Extended Day Program for an additional fee.  Details are explained in the Extended Day Handbook, listed below.  Children may not arrive before 6:30 a.m. each morning and must be picked up by 6:30 p.m. each evening.

Students in this program will be in areas supervised by the Extended Day personnel and only in those areas. Students will be required to not only follow the rules in the Extended Day Handbook but they are also governed by the rules that set forth in this School Handbook.  Those students found in violation of either handbook will be asked to leave the Extended Day program and seek another alternative of extended day.

Payment for services will be billed bi-weekly during each month and payment is due upon receipt. Payments can sent to school in the form of cash or check. Credit card payments can be made by calling the school office during normal school hours. Payments not received may result in the student not being allowed to attend the program.  

The St. Walter School Extended Day Program is an option offered as a service to parents.  The program is available for registered students of St. Walter School. Please consult the monthly school calendar regarding changes to days of operation.  This service is offered to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children outside the normal school hours.  Time will be provided for snacks, recreation, planned activities and quiet activities.  Homework may be completed if the parent so desires.




The Extended Day Program will be headquartered in the school building. All arrivals and departures will be handled at the north end of the building. Students will also use the outside parking lot, the prairie, Peterson Hall, and the media center for activities.





The Extended Day Program will be accessed through the regular school phone number.  Parents are asked to communicate directly with the staff to inform them when a change of circumstances arises.




Please use the doorbell at the north end of the school building to gain admittance to the school. Please do not arrive before 6:30 a.m.  The doors will not be opened for anyone until this time. Each student must be signed in by the adult who brings the child to the program. Staff members are encouraged to greet each student and escort them upon arrival to the program.  Students and escorts should greet the staff in similar manner.



Students should not arrive before 6:30 a.m. on any day.  The morning time will be spent doing quiet activities, like reading a book, reviewing homework, or playing board games.  Students may eat breakfast during this time, provided the child has brought breakfast.  Breakfast will not be provided for the students.






Students participating in the after-school program report directly to the extended day headquarters upon dismissal.  Any parent who requires last minute extended day services MUST call the school office prior to 2:45 p.m. 

All students are required to bring their own individual snack/drink to Extended Day for snack time.  There are no extra snacks/drinks. Children are not allowed to share snacks/drinks.  This is to protect everyone from germs, allergies, and other health issues. 

Snacks should be healthy and of modest portions.  Snacks do not have to be chips, cookies and similar

‘munchies.’  Fruit, vegetables, cheese and crackers are healthy options. Juice boxes or bottled water may be included for beverage.  Candy and gum are not allowed.  No glass containers or large pop cans are to be used.  

After snack time the students will have active play time.  Weather permitting, the students will play outdoors.  On days with inclement weather, students will play in Peterson Hall if it is available. 

During quiet activity time the students will participate in planned activities, play board games, work on homework, read a book, or engage in other quiet activities offered by the program supervisors.

Some parents prefer to supervise the entire homework process themselves at home.  Others prefer to have homework completed so time at home can be family time.  Please convey your preference to the program staff. Students will be allowed to work on homework if parents permit. At no time will the program staff be responsible for the completion or accuracy of homework.  It will always remain a parent's responsibility to review the child's work for completion and quality.




Extra-curricular activities and after school obligations may require altering your child's attendance in the after-school program.  Please inform the program supervisor of these plans in writing.  

A child should always report to the program supervisor before beginning one of these activities, so staff members are aware of the whereabouts of all.  Staff members will not be responsible for these children while they are away from the program.  Students will not be released from the program to attend soccer practice, school-sponsored parties, or other events that start later in the afternoon without a written note from the parent.  





We have the same expectations for our Extended Day Program participants as we do for our students.  The same rules and guidelines are in effect. Students who violate these rules will be isolated from the group.  If problems persist, a parent conference will be requested.  Should there be a problem following the rules, the student will be dismissed from the activity or the Extended Day Program.

 Rules which are particularly important for the Extended Day Program are:

*  All people are valuable and all are to be addressed with respect and consideration.

*  Students should greet staff members and speak to them respectfully.

*  Inside voices are to be used indoors.

*  Students must remain in the immediate supervision of staff members unless express permission         has been given to do otherwise.

*  Behaviors which hurt others, physically or emotionally, are not acceptable.

*  Running in the extended day room or the hallway is not allowed.                

*  Students are expected to clean up their own areas following snacks, craft activities, and play     times.

*  Profanity and other inappropriate language may not be used.

*  Computer use is governed by the guidelines of the school acceptable use policy.

*The use of cell phones and other electronic devises are governed by the regular rules of the     school.   

Disciplinary action for behavior in the extended day program is the same discipline codes and procedures outlined in the Handbook earlier.  The Extended Day Staff will alert the Principal of any wrong behavior or trouble and corrective action will take place (demerits, detentions, expulsions) from the program.




We request that the children do not bring their own toys from home unless they are donating them to the program.  "Show and Share" days will be held each Wednesday.  The children may bring their own games, toys, etc. provided they are planning to share them with the other children.

Children are expected to clean up after themselves before leaving at the end of the day.  They are also expected to clean up in one center before switching to another center.

Cell phones may not be used on school grounds.  If you wish your child to carry a cell phone for emergency reasons, it must be silenced and remain in your child’s backpack the entire time.  It may not be used for game playing on “Show and Share” days or for phone calls at any time. I-pods and other personal music devises are not to be used on school grounds except for times when a staff member has given permission.  The music that is played on the machine is subject to the approval of the supervising staff member.




Ordinarily, medication is not to be dispensed by the Extended Day personnel.  The regular school/ Archdiocesan policy applies to this program.  The required forms must be on file and approved if medication is required during the program.





The computer center is made available to the students for use during the extended day program. These machines are to be used in accordance with the technology use guidelines of the school.  They are intended for academic use.  Students may use the computers to complete class assignments.  They may request permission to use the internet to conduct research for a class assignment.  They may play academic games that are installed in the machines and/or part of the school resources.  Students may not use the computers to play strictly arcade games.  They may not install their own games on the computers.  They may not download games and/or files from the internet.




All Parents/Guardians have filled out a Student Emergency Information Form that is maintained in the school office and the Extended Day room. The form asked each family to list the persons authorized to pick up your child from school or extended day, if a parent/guardian cannot be reached.  

Anyone other than a child’s parent/guardian that picks up a child from the School Office or from Extended

Day will be required to show a photo I.D. that will be matched with the information on the child’s emergency information form.  Unless we have been notified in writing of any changes, and the person picking up the child does not match the Emergency Information Form, the child(ren) will not be released.  Phone changes will not be accepted.




Please use the doorbell at the north end of the school building to gain admittance to the school. Children are not allowed to answer the door.  A designated individual must call for the child and sign the child out.  These individuals are designated by the family at the time of enrollment in the program.  Changes and additions must be given to the staff in writing to insure the safety of all. Children will not be allowed to leave the program alone.  They must be picked up by an adult. Parents/guardians may never take their child from the program without informing a program supervisor.

The final pick-up time is 6:30 p.m. each day Extended Day is in session.  A late charge of $1.00 per minute will be assessed for pick-up after that time. Four or more late pick-ups after 6:30 p.m. will result in the family having to pay the overtime salary of the Extended Day Staff. 





Personnel of the Extended Day Program are personnel of the school.  As such, state law makes them mandated reporters of any allegations/suspicion of child abuse/neglect.

DATE:  August 11, 2016

TO: Parent, Teachers and all other School Employees

FROM: Sharon O’Toole / Principal

RE: Notification Letter Concerning Asbestos Content & Management Plan for Your School

In 1986, Congress passed the Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA). That law requires all schools, kindergarten through twelfth grade, to be inspected and identify and asbestos-containing building materials. The law further requires the development of a Management Plan, based upon the findings of the inspection, which outlines our intent in controlling the potential for exposure to asbestos fibers in our schools. 

In the past, asbestos was used extensively in building materials because of its insulating and fire retarding capabilities. Virtually any building built before the late 1970’s contains at least some asbestos in pipe insulation and structural fireproofing. We too have buildings that contain asbestos material. The primary concerns arise when these materials begin to deteriorate or become damage.

Your school has been inspected and some asbestos containing materials were identified in your building. The materials are distributed in various locations and include floor tile, pipe insulation and mechanical areas not readily accessible to building occupants or students.

Your school’s Inspection Report and Management Plan outlines in detail the methods used to maintain the materials in a safe manner. In addition, as required by law, appropriate school staff members have been trained to administer this program.


A copy of the inspection report and the management plan is on file at your local school office for review if you so desire.


Sharon O’Toole Principal

Designated Person


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