The Manna Program is a fundraising/tuition credit program available to all families through the purchase of "gift certificates" for many retail stores. "Manna" is a large organization that purchases blocks of store certificates at face value and then sell them to schools. The discount comes from the retailers. After selling the certificates at face value, the school earns a profit and you earn fundraising credit! You can order "Manna" through school, the rectory, or at cash-carry times as advertised.

If you are new to St. Walter, or unfamiliar with the program itself, here are the basics:

1)   We buy the gift cards from the Manna group or local vendors at a discount.

2)   You can buy the gift cards at face value.

3)   We split the discount we earned on the cards you purchased with you three times each year.

4)   The discount is applied to your next tuition payment.

5)   Boost your discount earning potential by having family members, co-workers and friends purchase the gift cards on your behalf.

6)   Tuition credits can be used for St. Walter School tuition or can be sent to any catholic high school or college on your behalf.  

7)   Payment methods accepted are: cash, check, and credit cards (Visa and Master cards)

8)   Attached is a current listing of the vendors that participate in the Manna program.  We stock many of these gift cards weekly.  Any items not stocked can be back ordered and sent to you within a week of your paid purchase.

9)   There are no activation fees for any of the gift cards purchased.


Manna is typically sold on Sundays from 9:30 am -10:30 am in the school office.  You can also send in a paid order to the school office on Monday and it will be returned to you, via your oldest child in the school, on Thursday. 


If you have any questions regarding Manna you can contact any members of the Manna committee -  Connie McLaughlin, Patti Bucko or Janet Aguilar.


We look forward to seeing you in the school office soon!


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